Our Process

Step 1 - Analysis

Initial 2 ½ hour Diagnostic Exam to determine individual strengths and weaknesses

Our Process

Step 2 - Focused Work

One-on-One tutoring sessions that build strong foundations while strengthening the weaknesses identified by the Diagnostic Exam.

Our Process

Step 3 - Guaranteed Results

Implementing Techniques and Strategies required for maximum success.

OmniTest News

OmniTest CHARLESTON is now offering expert SAT/ACT tutoring services under the direction of Director Kim Bartch (see "staff"). ***************************** Also, OmniTest SAT Prep is now available on the Eastern Shore!
Omnitest Guarantee

Most college admissions boards consider a difference of 25 points (combined Math and Verbal) significant in comparing students for acceptance. Therefore, if a student fails to improve by at least four times that figure (a total improvement of 100 plus points over baseline), we will provide additional instruction at no additional charge.