While many tutoring operations boast about how big they are, OmniTest prides itself on being small. Our select cadre of dedicated tutors has been personally trained by our director, Peter Paul Hanley.  Our staff reviews each student’s progress weekly as the student proceeds through the course; the tutors make any adjustments they feel are necessary.  Parents can call  Lisa Moore our office at any time and get an up-to-date assessment of their student’s progress from his or her tutor.



Peter Paul Hanley  –  Founder of OmniTest in 1991, director Peter Paul is still involved daily in both individual tutoring and overseeing all OmniTest students and staff.  Widely regarded as one of the most respected authorities on College Entrance Exams, he is personally available if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student.

omni2 Kim Bartsch – Kim is one of OmniTest’s most accomplished math, English, and science tutors, both for the College Entrance Exams and for academic subjects.  She holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and has completed post-doctoral studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In addition, Kim has taught College Algebra, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry undergraduate courses. She is currently an Adjunct Chemistry Professor at Trident Technical College.  Kim has been with OmniTest since 2009 and is operating the Charleston branch of OmniTest.
JohnJohn Hanley – Assistant Director — one of the highest-accredited math teachers in Maryland, John has been with OmniTest for over a decade.  Accomplished in all areas of the SAT/ACT, John is our “go to” Math and Science guy.  In addition, John also manages our offsite program at Oldfields School, handling everything from faculty/parent liaisons to student scheduling and tutoring.
2013-11-02_11.41.46Kristina Lewis – Assistant Director — Kristina is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University in the Pre-Med program.  Working with us since 2010, she states, “Experiencing firsthand the success of the Omnitest program and its students, I discovered a passion for education.” As well as being an enthusiastic and devoted SAT/ACT tutor, Kristina is currently enrolled in a Masters-PhD program in Education for Administration Purposes.  She tutors in the main office in Towson as well as in the Gerstell Academy in White Marsh.
Ali McKechnie–Ali  is a tutor specializing in English at the Towson location.  Ali has a Master’s degree in Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor‘s degree in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.  Ali taught high school English in Baltimore County for four years.
Ben Gibson – Ben spends his days as a Quantitative Analyst at Johns Hopkins University and has filled his free time over the past five years with tutoring, both at Johns Hopkins and at Omnitest’s Towson location.


lisa-cropLisa Moore – Anyone who deals with Omnitest, whether as a student, parent, or tutor, will come to appreciate Lisa and what she does.  As our Office Manager, she handles all issues involving enrolling, scheduling, sports or activity conflicts, illnesses, or inclement weather delays.  Lisa also provides valuable information on test dates and options, as well as forwarding pertinent information to parents. Lisa is the mother of two teenage daughters!